Season 4- Ep.5 “ BDNF – Everything you need to know”

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Ok, so I want you to image this…

Image yourself at age of 75-80-85-90-100…Now imagine that your brain is as sharp and your memory is as good as it is today.  Well, let me tell you this…a little protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) could be the answer to keeping us mentally sharp and switched on for life.

On today’s Podcast I am going to dive into a topic that people keep asking me about. It’s also something I definitely notice more and more people want to learn about: the topic of BDNF, the magic brain protein.

So if you stay tuned, we will cover what BDNF is, why should you care, and how this protein can really really really…really help you when it comes to health and optimising your performance.

Podcast recommendation: KwikBrain

Your lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?

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