Season 3- Ep.5 “Helping people make lifestyle changes” with Suzy Glaskie: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

suzy gleskie



We’re all bombarded daily with reams of information on eating and living healthily – and yet chronic disease has never been more prevalent. We know that diet and lifestyle are what’s driving the rampant chronic conditions we see today. To stem that tide, healthcare professionals need patients to change their habits and behaviours. But that can be a very big ask. Transforming long-held, entrenched lifestyle and eating habits can be extremely challenging…and the environment we live in, where junk food is pushed at us from all sides, makes it even more so.

We know that, in isolation, the supply of information and strategies simply doesn’t work. It’s the implementation of that information that makes all the difference. That’s where health coaching comes into play. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Suzy helps people make those changes they know they need to make, but struggle to make.


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Animation on Professor John Yudkin, author of Pure, White and Deadly: 


Results after a single session of group health coaching


Functional Medicine Coaching Academy


Your lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?


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One thought on “Season 3- Ep.5 “Helping people make lifestyle changes” with Suzy Glaskie: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

  1. Hi stefan thanks for the comments on fibromyalgia it was geat reading has i have it and i have had it for two three yrs


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