Season 3- Ep.4 “The Doctor’s Kitchen: Food as medicine” Interview with Dr Rupy Aujla: NHS General Practitioner, Founder of The Doctor’s Kitchen

dr rupy


Dr Rupy is an NHS doctor, based mainly in the UK, with a speciality in General Practice. A lot of you may associate his name with ‘The Doctor’s Kitchen’. Dr Rupy shares his believes that food is “the most important health intervention anyone can make”.

It is incredible to see how ‘modern medicine’ is, to some extend, starting to shape into more holistic paradigm and Dr Rupy’s practice is a perfect example of that.

In this episode, we talk about the future of medicine, including Functional Medicine, and Dr Rupy also shares some of his key principles when it comes to food and health.



How to contact Dr Rupy:

Instagram: @Doctors_Kitchen


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Facebook: Stefan Gospodinov DC

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