Season 2- Ep.3 “How to work out harder, shorter and better? Losing weight and becoming smarter with HIITs”



In this episode we cover the science behind different types of training with special emphasis on High Intensity Interval Training.

Do you know how to get more out of your training? Work out smarter?

Useful Resources 


“The voices in your head never go away, you just learn how to tell them to f..k off better as you get older”


“Do Less Get More” Shaa Wasmund

Health Tip of Today’s Episode:


From Mark Merchant, co-owner, As One Fitness, New York: guaranteed to kick your ass — and quickly. Do each exercise for 30 seconds at full throttle. Then take a ten-second rest.

1. Squats

2. Push-ups

3. Planks

4. Burpees

5. Split squats

6. Bent-over rows

7. Supine hip extensions

8. Burpees.

Total workout time: Five minutes. If repeated four times (as suggested): 20 minutes.

Your lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?

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