Bonus Episode “Posturology: The proof is in the posture” with Dr. Krista Burns DC, Phd, CPN, CPE, COEP

Bonus Episode


This episode is a special release featuring Dr Krista Burns (DC, PhD, CNP, CPE, COEP). Dr.  Burns is the co-founder of the American Posture Institute. In this episode Krista reveals the importance of “postural hygiene” and “Posturology”: A revolutionary therapy developed by the American Posture Institute, focusing on the neurology of the posture system through the analysis and correction of the Eyes, Spine, & Vestibular Systems!


Useful Resources



“Personal victories precede public victories”


“7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey 


Instead of sitting on a normal chair at work or at home, try sitting on an exercise ball or a posture cushion for better spinal alignment and core muscle activation. 

Understanding “ABCs” of Posture:



Core Control


Contact Dr Krista Burns DC:

Links to blog information can be found below


Facebook: American Posture Institute 


Your lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?

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