Season 1 – Ep. 3: “4 of the most destructive nutrition lies often told!”


In this episode Dr. Stefan Gospodinov DC reveals some of the common lies we often get told with regards to the foods we eat!

Learn how to recognise some of those misconceptions early, and how to concentrate on good healthy food sources.

Useful Resources: 


The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss


Write down all the strengths you think you have. Don’t be shy. Then get close friends and family to write down 3 of the strengths THEY think you have, and see which ones keep popping up. It gets pretty easy after that. 

Health Tip of today’s episode :

  • Use organic coconut oil when cooking. 
  • Shop from local farm shops and look for seasonal foods. 
  • Concentrate on the healthy fats: Avocado, coconut oil, walnuts, flax seeds, and occasional wild fish. 

Eat fresh, whole foods that are minimally processed and are in season!


Our lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?


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4 thoughts on “Season 1 – Ep. 3: “4 of the most destructive nutrition lies often told!”

  1. It is another great episode Stefan!
    Looking forward to listening the next one which definitely applies to my job role,sitting long hours on my office chair

    Liked by 1 person

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