Season 1 – Ep. 2: “Have a Bigger Vision”with Dr. Thomas Waller DC

Episode 2

In this episode Dr. Thomas Waller DC explains what chiropractic is and how anyone can benefit from it. We discover some of the powerful chiropractic messages that have been lost in translation over time. Tom challenges us all, whether young or old, to dream big and have a bigger vision!

Useful Resources:


“Live today like you will die tomorrow and learn today like you will live forever”

“Love for the sake of loving, give for the sake of giving, and serve for the sake of serving”

“Success leaves clues”

“Today is not repeated tomorrow”


For Chiropractic students: obverse other practitioners with more experience. Find a mentor; we all need one.
For all: if you are someone who’s never had your spine and nervous system checked, book a consultation with a local chiropractor, whether you have symptoms or not:

Life Chiropractic Clinics

Health tip of today’s episode:

Have a morning routine! Tom explains his morning routine and how that benefits his day.

Contact Dr Thomas Waller DC:

Facebook: Thomas Waller DC
Twitter: @DrTom_DC
Bristol Clinic: Willow Chiropractic, Bristol, Clifton

Your lifestyle choices today can change the world tomorrow, so why not change it for better?


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